Rocker Kim Kyung Ho Preparing for November Wedding

Korean rocker Kim Kyung Ho will be getting married later on this year. 

According to multiple sources, Kim Kyung Ho will official announcement his upcoming married after his September U.S. concert. He has already discussed the matter with his agency and is preparing to make the official announcement in October, then have the ceremony in November. His bride-to-be is a Japanese woman who is thirteen years his junior. 

Kim Kyung Ho’s agency responded to these rumors by telling Sports Chosun, “It is true that Kim Kyung Ho had a meeting with the agency about marriage…the agency is helping him with the various preparations needed for a wedding. Because he is currently focused on his concerts in China and the U.S. he cannot make an official announcement now, but it is true that he will get married later on this year.”

In a recently aired episode of “Star Gazing” Kim Kyung Ho had talked about married. “Even though they are a little sad, I think my fans sincerely do want me to get married since I am getting older. I will be announcing good news later this year.”

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