Radio DJs Cultwo Jokingly Pokes Fun At SISTAR Members For Not Having On Make Up

On July 29, SISTAR members Dasom, Bora, and Hyorin appeared as guests on the SBS PowerFM radio show “Cultwo Show” and the two DJs poked fun at their bare faces.

When the girls showed up looking comfortable and with no make-up, DJ Cultwo jokingly said, “Bora, this is a radio show the audience can see our faces.” In response, the girls said, “I think we have no make up on every time we come on this radio show,” to which Cultwo once again joked, “Isn’t that rude?”

SISTAR replied, “It’s because this is our favorite show. Because we wear so much make up when we appear on television, we try to let our skin breathe at times like these.”

The group made their much-anticipated comeback with “Touch My Body” which rose to the top the moment it was revealed.