7 Reasons Why We Swoon Over Ji Chang Wook

In continuation of our celebration of the Seoul International Drama Awards, we have long-time Soompi forum member CherKell sharing why her bias is worthy of his nomination for the Best Actor prize.  

Ji Chang WookStar of the stage, both large and small screens, MVs, CFs, and many magazine photoshoots. It seems that Chang Wook is still considered an up-and-coming actor in the K-Drama World, so I appreciate the chance to introduce him so you can get to know him a little better!

Here are 7 reasons why you should swoon over Ji Chang Wook:



Ji Chang Wook is a chameleon, immersing himself completely into each and every role to the point where you are not sure where the man ends and the character begins.

From playing a “sissy boy” only interested in sewing and cleaning in “The Sons of Sol Pharmacy” (KBS2, 2009) – to portraying a tabloid news reporter in “Hero” (MBC, 2010) – and then putting the name “Donghae” on the lips of every ahjumma in the role of an American-raised son searching for his long-lost Korean father in “Smile Donghae” (KBS2, 2010-2011) …


… then bumbling and eventually swashbuckling his way as Joseon’s Greatest Swordsman in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” (SBS, 2011) – thereafter, deciding he would rather sell produce in “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” (Channel A, 2011-2012) – but in a twist of fate, he turned down a lead offer and instead accepted a supporting role as a villainous brother / concert pianist in “Five Fingers” (SBS, 2012).


He was then cast for another lead role as a cantankerous angel sent to Earth to help out a lovestruck woman in a segment of the “Secret Love” omnibus drama “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?” (DRAMAcube, 2014)…


… eventually ending up at his most recent award-winning performance as Emperor Ta Hwan in “Empress Ki” (MBC, 2013-2014).



Ji Chang Wook started out during his early days at Dankook University by performing small musical numbers around the streets of Daehangno, and continued performing in musicals even while filming his drama works.  This dedication to muscials led up to his 2013 Korea Musical Award – Male Newcomer for his portrayal of Muyeong in “The Days” – a role which he will play again in performances beginning in October of this year!


Ji Chang Wook has also contributed several songs to his drama OSTs, showing the viewers his wide range of vocal talents.



Several PDs have stated on the record that their decisions to cast Ji Chang Wook in dramas was because of his million-watt smile.  They obviously see the same charms in him that his legions of fans see as well.  Say cheese!


4.  THE ABS.  

It started with his Men’s Health Magazine cover…  and snowballed from there.  I wonder if there has to be some special clause written into Ji Chang Wook’s drama contracts that specifies at least one scene where we are fortunate enough to view his glorious… erm, assets.  And we are not complaining AT ALL.


Ji Chang Wook – Food Hoover.  It goes without saying that this boy can eat… and eat… and eat… It’s become a running joke on several of his fan sites to not get your hands too close to his rice bowl, unless you want to lose a finger or two.  CHOMP!



Ji Chang Wook is accomplished in several sports, concentrating on competitive swimming and basketball throughout his school years.  Currently, he is better known as a member of the FC Avengers and FC MEN celebrity football teams.  His “Empress Ki” filming schedule was specifically altered in order for Chang Wook to have Monday nights off so he could attend practices.



Several offers for new dramas have been presented to Ji Chang Wook since “Empress Ki” wrapped up, so we anxiously await to hear what project he will choose as his next starring vehicle.

Ji Chang Wook has also has been cast for a lead role in the movie “Two Constables” which is currently in pre-production, and in the meantime, is keeping busy with several magazine photoshoots.

Whatever his next project turns out to be, his fans will be there to cheer loudly and provide our undying support.

You can vote for Ji Chang Wook or any of your favorite actors in the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards!

Of course, any and all additional information on Ji Chang Wook can be found in his Soompi Forum thread.

Thanks for reading, and let us know which version of Ji Chang Wook is your favorite!

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