HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun) Lost 6kg for Her Solo Debut

Wonder GirlsYe Eun, who recently made her solo debut under the stage name HA:TFELT, revealed in an interview with TV Daily that she lost 6kg (approx. 13.2 lbs) for her debut.

“Because I’ll have performances including contemporary dance for these promotions, I wanted to have soft and pretty lines, and I felt that it wouldn’t work if I felt heavy,” Ye Eun said. “Preparing for the album, I felt a huge sense of responsibility, and I had the thought that I couldn’t show any flaws. When promoting with Wonder Girls, there are members that are prettier than me, so I feel less of a pressure to look good, but now [that I’m alone], I feel that I really need to show it.”

Ye Eun continued, explaining her diet: “I dieted and lost about 6kg. I did pilates and modern dance, and ate chicken breast. In the past I used to eat just plain chicken breast, but that made my craving for salt so much worse, so now I season it a bit with salt. Even with that, you lose weight.”

When asked about her current weight, she said, “Doing musicals, I gained a lot of weight. Now, honestly, I weigh 49kg (approx. 108 lbs).”