SISTAR Gives Honest Answers to Fans’ Questions on “Oven Radio”

On SISTAR‘s fourth episode of 1theK’s Oven Radio” uploaded on July 30 on their official YouTube channel, the girls answered questions fans sent to the show in the “SISTAR Tells All” corner.

With the youngest member Dasom as the main DJ, the girls answered a variety of questions sent by fans through various social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. Hyorin, Bora, Soyu, and Dasom were all ready to answer the questions thrown their way including “whether Soyu is dating JUNGGIGO,” “how much they eat when they’re on holiday break,” and “which member cries the most,” among many others.

SISTAR also did some of the fans’ request such as showing their best poses and singing their favorite songs.

1theK’s “Oven Radio” is a five-day series of five-minute shows. SISTAR, who is currently promoting their song “Touch My Body,” is the guest DJ of the show from July 28 to August 1.

Find out how the girls answered their fans’ questions and see them sing their own rendition of the Sailor Moon theme song in this clip! Don’t forget to turn on the English captions!