Jessica and Krystal Recall Drunken Moments and Reveal Thoughts on Their First Reality Show

On the 9th episode of “Jessica&Krystal,” which aired on July 29, the Jung sisters–Jessica and Krystal–shared their thoughts about the last filming for their reality program.

On this episode of “Jessica&Krystal,” Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal had a staycation at a hotel in Seoul and spent some quality time together at a spa.

The two sisters talked about a variety of things including how they are like when they are drunk and how they feel about the nearing end of their reality show.

Krystal revealed that once, she got a massage together with her sister and they got drunk on the wine they were drinking. At that time, Jessica remembered that “My Love From the Star” was popular and brought up how Jun Ji Hyun‘s character, Cheon Song Yi, was like when drunk. “The two of us greeted everyone in that condition (like Cheon Song Yi when drunk),” revealed Jessica.

“When the two of us saw cars pass by, we said ‘vroom vroom’ (just like how Cheon Song Yi did),” added Krystal.

Jessica and Krystal

The two girls also talked about working together on their first reality show.

“Too bad (it has to end),” said Jessica. “It’s our first time and I think it (this show) made us spend time together. There were many things that we did that even money can’t buy. I think all these would be impossible without the help of the staff. I think that is what would remain in our memories. It was a good memory for us,” added Jessica.

Krystal also bared her thoughts and said, “I think it’s really nice that we can look back to this when we both grow old and become grandmothers. I can show this to my daughter later and say, ‘This is mom and auntie,’ and watch it while I laugh.”

Jessica and Krystal

“Jessica&Krystal,” the reality program that features the daily life of Jung sisters Jessica from Girls’ Generation and Krystal from f(x), will air its 10th and final episode on August 5 at 11 p.m. on OnStyle.

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