Boys Republic Grow Into Men for Vogue Girl’s August Pictorial

Idol group Boys Republic have reinvented themselves in a polished, suit-wearing image.

On July 30, a representative for the group disclosed that Boys Republic will feature in a pictorial for fashion magazine Vogue Girl’s August issue, which will show the boys in a mix of suits, leather jackets, and lettered knits for a classic and stylish “boyfriend look.” In the pictorial, the five members can be seen wearing a comfortably warm and mature style. It is said that the magazine staff constantly praised the group during the shooting.

In the accompanying interview, Suwoong was picked out by his group mates as Boys Republic’s naughtiest member. “He acts cute in front of people, but in reality he likes to provoke others. Just a little while ago he suddenly started doing this weird dance in the fitting room for no reason,” the other members said, causing the filming staff to burst into laughter.

The youngest member of the group, “Suwoong likes to play a lot of tricks on his ‘older brothers,’ like stealthily tapping them on the back or grabbing their hair.” Despite his mischievousness, his uniquely bright and lovely smile brought motherly grins to the faces of the female staff.

In other news, Boys Republic has been receiving increased interest from their female fans with the release of the Duble Sidekick produced track “Dress Up,” which was released on July 25. They have been promoting the new song with upgraded visuals and a “fool in love” type concept.