Are They the Same People? Netizens Are Surprised by Girl Group Members’ Changed Appearances

The life of a female star can be difficult due to the scrutiny one’s looks receive, especially in Korea.

Celebrities use SNS accounts and homepages during their free time to communicate with fans, such as by uploading selcas and answering questions. Recently, the differing appearance of certain girl group members as shown through SNS has attracted netizen attention.

For example, duo Seeya’s Kim Yeon Ji released a photo in June that caught the eyes of fans for the surprising change in her looks. KARA’s Nicole has become a topic of netizen conversation for similar reasons. While preparing for her solo debut in the US, she released a selca that has fans buzzing with speculation as to her newly mature features.

As for T-Ara’s member Soyeon, apparent changes in her looks has provoked the expected speculation as to whether or not she received plastic surgery. However, it’s also likely that she just took the photo at an angle which caused her to appear differently, and that the criticism she is receiving is unfair.

However, it can be agreed that whether they appear different in reality or simply in photos, the girls are still quite beautiful in any case.

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