Actress Jeon Soo Kyung to Marry Her Hotelier Boyfriend in September

Musical actress Jeon Soo Kyung will be tying the knot with Eric Swanson, the general manager of The Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel.

A source in the industry revealed, “Jeon Soo Kyun will marry her boyfriend of four years at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul on September 22. She is currently appearing in a musical, so the ceremony will take place on Monday, when she has no shows. As expected, the boyfriend’s workplace has been chosen as the wedding hall.”

The two were first introduced to each other by an acquaintance in October 2010. It has been revealed that Eric Swanson showed great support for Jeon Soo Kyung, who was fighting against thyroid cancer at the time. In 2012, the actress opened up about their relationship on KBS2TV’s “Happy Together” and SBS’ “Strong Heart,” praising her boyfriend’s caring nature and generosity.

Eric Swanson is the son of folklorist Cho Chang Soo, who is known for working at the Smithsonian Museum. The successful hotelier has actively given back to society, and in 2009, he was awarded an honorary citizenship of Seoul.

Congratulations to the couple!