[To:ur Imagination] Delve Into the Beauty Secrets of Korea with YouTube Makeup Star Michelle Phan

We’ve previously announced that KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting two fun events for foreign fans: Event 1 (win a free trip to Korea or other prizes), Event 2 (simply share a video link to win an iPad mini or other prizes). Both events take minimal effort to participate, which you can see from our tutorial articles. Just click on the respective events for the easy 5 step process!

For this series, we will be covering the different attractions of Korea that’s a must for tourists as well as the latest hotspots enjoyed by the locals. Four foreign celebrities participated in the first event and wrote down what they’d like to do if given the chance to visit Korea for 3-4 days.

The last celebrity to be featured is none other than makeup guru Michelle Phan of YouTube fame. She and her significant other traveled to Korea for a romantic getaway as well as experience the latest makeup trends and practices. “Korean beauty is a rising trend, not just in the states but also globally,” she said. “Many who watched Korean drama or performances of K-Pop stars are eager to find out Korean people’s beauty routines.”

Flip through the gallery for some ideas on a romantic itinerary!

day 1 seongsan {DAY ONE}
Location: Jejudo Island – Seopjikoji & Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Jejudo Island, the nation’s largest island located southwest of the peninsula, is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Michelle and her beau enjoyed the breathtaking view at Seopjikoji, which became a well-known spot after being featured in the drama “All In.”

They later head towards Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring a gigantic volcanic crater.

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IMG_9899 day 1 bijarim forest 1 {DAY ONE}
Location: Jejudo Island – Bijarim Forest

The couple enjoyed the calm route through Bijarim Forest. Known as the largest nutmeg tree forest in the world, Bijarim Forest has almost 3,000 nutmeg trees between 500 and 800 years old.

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day 1 resort {DAY ONE}
Location: Jejudo Island – Shilla Jeju in Jungmun Resort

Michelle and her significant other enjoyed the rest of the night “glamping” (short for glamorous camping) at the largest resort in Korea. They camp in style with champagne and delicious grilled meat, and also share a romantic moment near the bonfire.

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day 2 {DAY TWO}
Location: Seoul – Cheongdam-dong

Michelle meets with Lee Kyungmin, one of Korea’s top makeup artists at her shop. She received top star treatment with a full makeover from full-body massage to hair and makeup.

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day 3 {DAY THREE}
Location: Seoul – Gangnam

What do you think of when you hear Gangnam? The area is put on the map with the help of entertainer PSY through his song “Gangnam Style.” The popular area is a hub for fashion and makeup lovers.

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Michelle got to enjoy a romantic getaway from her daily grind with her significant other. They explored the natural sights of Jejudo Island, and experienced makeup treatment reserved for top celebrities as well as makeup products used by the locals.

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