SPICA Set to Release American Debut, “I Did It”

Girl group SPICA is gearing up for its United States debut, with a music release slated for August 6. The track is titled “I Did It,” and is described as being an up-tempo pop number, with something of a nineties feel and English lyrics. Aspects of hip hop and punk have also been used in the production.

Spica teaser

Michael Laburt, well-known for his video work in both Japan and America will be taking charge of directing the music video for the track.

SPICA said, “We hope to get a lot of support for the new song. We are looking forward to launching our first single and music video in America, and are so excited to meet new fans.”

The girls are also set to perform at an event called KCON, to be held at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles on August 9. Also slated to perform at KCON are acts such as G-Dragon, Girls’ Generation and more. SPICA is also set to make a Korean comeback with a new album sometime in August.