Girls’ Generation Member Sooyoung Posts Summer Dessert Pic

Girls’ Generation star Sooyoung has taken to Instagram to post a collage of pictures where she is shown tucking into a serving of patbingsoo. She posted the photos to her official account on July 31, along with the caption, “It’s so hot, let’s eat patbingsoo! Don’t melt, don’t melt!”

Sooyoung Patbingsoo

Patbingsoo is a summer dessert favorite in Korea, and is made of crushed ice, red bean paste, rice cakes, fruit and condensed milk. It is widely available in coffee shops around the country, particularly in the hot summer months.

In the photo, Sooyoung wears a hat and minimal make up, and seems to be enjoying this cool treat very much.

Girls’ Generation is currently enjoying the success of its latest release, a Japanese compilation album entitled, “The Best.” The album has raced to the top of Japan’s Oricon Charts, and contains many of the group’s most popular his, such as “Hoot,” “Gee” and “Genie.”