Hong Jin Kyung Shows Off Her Charisma as a Model Even When Off the Camera

Recently, two photos of television personality, Hong Jin Kyung, were revealed on an Internet community site with the title, “Hong Jin Kyung Shows Off Her Charisma as a Model Even as She Is Sitting Down.” These photos are gaining much interest because not only do they emphasize her long features, but they are also untouched photos.

In the photos, Hong Jin Kyung could be seen comfortably sitting down in what seems to be the waiting room during a photo shoot. Wearing a black leather dress that accentuates her long, slender figure, Hong Jin Kyung seems slightly expressionless, which brings out the strong charisma within her. As a model in the past, Hong Jin Kyung shows that she still has what it takes to be a great model.

Meanwhile, Hong Jin Kyung has been showing off her talking skills as an MC on shows such as SBS “Magic Eye” and tvN “Whale Wars.” She is also planning to participate in SBS “Fashion King Korea 2,” where she will not only be able to entertain as an MC but also as a source for knowledge on fashion.

It’s hard to believe that these photos are completely untouched. What do you guys think?

Hong Jin Kyung Waiting Room