Jung Yoo Mi Admits Not Keeping in Touch With Jung Joon Young After “We Got Married”

Actress Jung Yoo Mi got real and revealed that she hasn’t been keeping in touch with his then on-screen husband Jung Joon Young after their stint in the MBC variety show, “We Got Married.”

In an interview with OSEN on August 1, the actress talked about her relationship with the rock singer after they finished the show. “We don’t contact each other. Even when we were filming the show, we weren’t the type to contact each other,” said Jung Yoo Mi.

“I’m currently working with Choi Tae Joon in a drama and he’s Jung Joon Young’s best friend. The two really meet often. Whenever I meet (Choi Tae Joon), I hear news about him (Jung Joon Young). That’s why even when ‘We Got Married’ is finished, I feel that there’s still an extension (of our relationship). We also send our regards through Choi Tae Joon,” added Jung Yoo Mi.

During the interview, Jung Yoo Mi also reminisced about her on-screen married life with Jung Joon Young. “What you saw on the program was how I really was with Jung Joon Young, there were no add-ons, no pretentions. It’s really exactly like that in reality. It was really fun in all of our shoots,” said Jung Yoo Mi.

“Even the producers said our couple was like strangers. But we weren’t shaken even with that response. More than being affected with the response, we just went with how we felt. That’s why I think it was more real for us. Wouldn’t it have shown if we were forced to act sweet?” Jung Yoo Mi added.

Meanwhile, Jung Yoo Mi will challenge the “Horror Queen” title by appearing in the upcoming film, “Tunnel 3D.” “Tunnel 3D” is a full 3D horror film about five friends who accidentally killed a person and left the body in a tunnel. Jung Yoo Mi plays the role of college girl Eun Joo who’s very shy and has a careful personality. “Tunnel 3D” will be in theaters on August 13.