Goo Ja Myung Promises a Period of Self-Reflection While Serving in the Military

Goo Ja Myung, the singer who got his start on MBC’s audition show “Birth of a Great Star,” has secretly enlisted in the army.

On July 31, Goo Ja Myung was admitted to Chungnam Province’s Nonsan District’s army training center. After spending five weeks as a trainee, he will then work in public service instead of serving in the regular army.

A representative for Goo Ja Myung’s label, Boohwal Entertainment, released the following statement in the August 1 edition of Mydaily News: “Goo Ja Myung did not make a sudden decision to enlist, but rather did so because all Korean men must serve in the military. He will serve faithfully and use the time to reflect on himself and his past actions. Once he is discharged, he intends to continue his career as a singer.”

Goo Ja Myung’s reputation suffered a blow in May, when he was arrested on charges of drunk driving. As a result of the incident, his driver’s license was canceled and he resigned his spot on “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.” He has not participated in any activities since that time.

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