Tiny-G’s Dohee Learns to Eat for Her Role on MBC’s New Variety Show

Singer and actor Dohee (Tiny-G) is scheduled to appear on MBC Every1’s new variety program “Boarding House Number 24.”

The concept of “Boarding House” will be a show that focuses on the real stories, hopes, dreams, hobbies, and loves of youths in their twenties. Dohee will play the role of a “muk bang” internet broadcast jockey (muk bang BJ), or someone who broadcasts live videos of herself eating incredibly enormous amounts of food.

“I like to look for tasty restaurants and to eat,” said Dohee, “so I’m looking forward to this role. I’ve been studying real muk bang BJs so that I can succeed on this show. It appears I’m going to have to focus on quantities of food over quality.”

“To give this program an increased sense of reality, most of the participants are idols that are in their 20s,” said producer Lee Soon Ok. “I think the identity of the house owner will also come as a nice surprise.”
The show first airs on August 2.