miss A’s Fei Places Her “Naughty Hands” on Min

On August 1, Fei of miss A revealed a photo with the concept of “Troublemaker” and a caption that said, “Min is so cool, too! Good night, my love.” In this photo, Fei and her fellow member Min can be seen posing very intimately with each other. Fei has her hands on top of Min’s chest and Min has her hands on Fei’s butt. But if you look closely, Min playfully makes a sneaky expression while she has her hands of Fei’s butt, bringing fans to laughter.

Netizens showed various reactions, saying, “Min’s facial expression is so cute!” “Min’s hands are bad hands,” “Fei is so sexy.”

Meanwhile, miss A will once again perform in front of fans at the upcoming 2014 JYP Nation concert, which is scheduled to be held this August. 

Miss A Min & Fei