Daniel Henney Reveals That Fan Bing Bing is a Great Kisser

Actor Daniel Henney revealed that popular Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing is a great kisser.

On the second episode of movie cable channel CGV‘s talk show “Location,”  Daniel Henney roamed around Macao talking about his experiences filming his film “Last Proposal.” He also talked about his other Chinese film, “One Night Surprise,” in which he starred alongside Fan Bing Bing. 

He said, “On the first day of filming, after I introduced myself to Fan Bing Bing, we had to shoot a kiss scene. It’s not easy to kiss someone you’ve just met.” He also slyly added, “She was a really strong kisser.” 

Fan Bing Bing and Daniel Henney’s romantic comedy “One Night Surprise” was released in 2013 and was a critical and box office success. Currently, Daniel Henney is part of multiple international film projects, including a dubbing role on an upcoming Disney film called “Big Hero 6.”