Popular Drama “Fated to Love You” Stars Dress Up as High School Students During Parodies

*Warning: Mild Spoilers Included

On Episode 10 of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Fated to Love You” that aired July 31, the main characters portrayed by Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk were seen wearing high school uniforms. What drew attention, however, was the fact that they were each doing a parody of their past drama and movie, respectively.

In this episode, Mi Young (portrayed by Jang Nara) and Lee Gun (portrayed by Jang Hyuk) were being followed by reporters after their contract marriage became known to the public. Mi Young was surrounded in her mom’s restaurant while Lee Gun was trapped in his home. Each character disguised themselves as high school students in order to escape and meet up with each other.

Mi Young took up the alias of Yang Soon while escaping, which caught viewers’ attention since that was the name of the character that Jang Nara portrayed in the 2002 drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl,” where she also starred alongside Jang Hyuk. Apart from this she also drew a lot of attention because of her younger looks. With her round glasses and pigtails, who would have thought she was 33 years old?

FTLY Jang Nara Collage 1

It was revealed on her official homepage, narajjang.com, that during the shooting of this scene, Jang Nara was full of smiles that added to the energy of the filming atmosphere. Her management agency commented, “Jang Nara is filming happily and diligently in order to repay the fan’s unconditional love towards Mi Young’s character from ‘Fated to Love You,’ despite the hot weather and night-long schedule. We thank all of the fans that recognize the endless efforts and hard work that Jang Nara puts into the portrayal of her character.”

FTLY Jang Nara Collage 2

Meanwhile, Lee Gun took up the alias of Hwa San Go, which was the title of his 2001 film, also known as “Volcano High School.” More behind the scenes photos revealed the playful atmosphere of the shooting. Apparently, the actors themselves suggested they split into Team Yang Soon and Team Hwa San Go to add to the comic storyline. Team Yang Soon consisted of Jang Nara, Park Hee Bon, and Choi Woo Shik, while Team Hwa San Go consisted of Jang Hyuk, Choi Dae Chul, and Park Jin Woo. Just looking at their expressions in their photos brought amusement to the viewers.

FTLY group photo

“Fated to Love You” also stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won. Is anyone else keeping up with this drama? Would you recommend it?

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