GOT7 Makes Appearance on “We Got Married,” Mentions ‘Adam Couple’ to Wooyoung and Park Se Young

GOT7, a junior group under the same company as 2PM, made an appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married” during Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s segment of the show.

On the August 2 broadcast, the Wooyoung—Park Se Young couple were suddenly left without a place to live after being forced to move out of their honeymoon home. After discussing what to do next, the couple decided to move their belongings to the JYP Entertainment building for the time being.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young were worrying about the reality of being ‘homeless’ and resting on the sofa in one of the practice rooms, after painstakingly carrying all of their belongings, when the members of GOT7 entered the room to practice.

The members greeted Park Se Young for the first time and began pouring out questions for the couple, proving to be fans of “We Got Married.”

During the conversation, GOT7 asked, “What are your nicknames for each other now? Wasn’t it originally ‘princess?’ Should we make new nicknames for you?” In response, Wooyoung told them that they have already decided on their nicknames. Se Young added, “We already have nicknames, right honey?”

When the GOT7 members heard that they called each other ‘honey,’ they brought up the well-known “Adam Couple” saying, “Doesn’t that overlap with Jokwon and Gain?”

Wooyoung jokingly defended himself and his wife, “What? Is Jokwon some kind of historical figure?” causing a round of laughter.
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