BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Involved in Minor Car Accident Yesterday, Taeyang Was Not Present

It has been reported that BIGBANG member G-Dragon was involved in a minor car accident yesterday.

On August 3, a representative of BIGBANG’s agency, YG Entertainment, told Newsen, “G-Dragon got into a car accident on the central inland highway on August 2 around 6:30 PM (KST). It was a chain collision of seven vehicles.”

The rep also explained, “At the time of the accident, the van was carrying G-Dragon, his manager, and other company employees. G-Dragon was not injured, so he transferred to another vehicle after the accident and arrived at Busan. He completed the scheduled performance in Busan and safely returned to Seoul.”

It appears that G-Dragon’s van was the sixth vehicle in the chain collision, and no one in the van, driven by his manager, sustained any injuries.

Earlier, reports had initially said that fellow group member Taeyang had been in the car with G-Dragon at the scene of the accident. However, those reports were later corrected, stating that Taeyang had not gone to Busan with G-Dragon.