Hong Seok Cheon’s Middle School Photos Reveal His Youthful Hairstyle

Childhood pictures of TV personality and entrepreneur Hong Seok Cheon give a glimpse of his look back in the day. 

A recent episode of MBC’s documentary show “People Are Good,” which aired on August 2, gave an overview of the star’s journey as an entertainer. Hong Seok Cheon, who is one of the few openly gay celebrities in Korea, opened up about the challenges he has faced over the years, touching the viewers with his emotional strength.

On the episode, Hong Seok Cheon’s mother took out her son’s middle school graduation album and unveiled a photo of Hong Seok Cheon with an actual hairstyle. While he is currently known for shaving off his hair, the 16-year-old boy in the picture rocks a youthful hairstyle and a pair of trendy glasses.

Her mother commented, “He lost his hair fast. His hair begun to fall of in high school. I think it’s in his genes,” and explained why the star has chosen to shave off his locks.

hong seok cheon