Girl’s Day Hyeri Reveals High School Photo

This past August 3, Girl’s Day member Hyeri revealed a photo of herself from high school on her Twitter. With it she included a caption, “Isn’t 17-year-old Hyeri cute?”

In the photo, Hyeri is making an adorable expression towards the camera in what seems to be like an ice cream shop. Unlike her mature self today, the teenage Hyeri in the photo is full of energy and youth. What is gathering much attention, however, is her long, straight black hair. This came as a surprise to many because she’s been sporting a short bob since last year. With long, black hair, there seems to be a more innocent aura around her, much different from the charisma that comes with the short bob.

teenage hyeri

Hyeri joined Girl’s Day with fellow member Yura in October of 2010. Currently, Girl’s Day is busy promoting their new song, “Darling.”

What do you guys think? Does she look better with short or long hair?