ToppDogg’s Jenissi Shows off His Rapping on “Love Letter” Featuring EvoL’s Say

ToppDogg star Jenissi has uploaded a solo track to a Soundcloud account run by the group’s talent agency Stardom Entertainment. The song is called “Love Letter,” and features vocals from a fellow Stardom artist, EvoL member Say.

Fans of ToppDogg might be pleased to hear that Jenissi shows off his rapping skills in the track, which also features some slightly more adult-themed lyrics than might be expected. 

The song is a mid-tempo rap number with keyboard accompaniment and a melodic hook, which is sung by Say.

ToppDogg recently made a comeback with the mini album “Amadeus,” which dropped in June this year, while girl group EvoL’s most recent musical venture was the mini album “Second Evolution,” featuring the track “Get Up,” released in March 2013.

Many thanks to Lily for the tip!