Ailee Reveals Post-Diet Body While Supporting Lucky J

On August 3, Ailee revealed a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Give lots of love to Lucky J,” showing support for members of her YMC Entertainment family. In the photo Ailee seems close with the members of the new hip-hop group and happily poses with a peace sign.

ailee supports lucky j

However, what drew the most attention was her noticeably thinner figure. She recently mentioned that she had been going on a diet, and the photos show that she was very successful. Ailee’s slimmer figure is comparable to her past curvier, yet toned pre-diet body.

Meanwhile, Ailee recently made a quick guest appearance on the SBS variety show, “Law of the City in New York,” as a helper to the members. Much to the members’ delight, Ailee showed off her fluent English and her great people skills as she helped the members survive in New York City.