“Superman” Song Il Gook Reveals that He Was Completely Opposite of His Wife in High School

Actor Song Il Gook revealed a surprising truth on the latest episode of the hit variety show, “Superman Returns.” 

Song Il Gook joined the program recently as one of the fathers. Appearing with his triplets, he has already gained a significant popularity from the show, apart from his usual stunt as an actor. 

On the August 3 broadcast of the show, Song Il Gook revealed that he was a complete opposite of his wife in terms of academics. He said, “I really don’t expect anything from my children. I was in the bottom one percent of my high school academically, while my wife was in the top one percent. Since there’s this huge gap, I think I can accept anything from my children.” 

He also added, “I just want them to grow up healthy,” showing his deep love for his three children.