Singer Kim Wan Sun Used to Have a Siren and Mic on Her Car, and She Used Them

Singer Kim Wan Sun, who recently made a comeback in July with “Goodbye My Love,” talked about what it was like back in the day, when she was really at the peak of her popularity.

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Kim Wan Sun appeared on the August 4 episode of KBS talk show “Yeo Yoo Man Man.” She said, “In the past, when I promoted, I had a microphone and siren on my car. I very well might be the first singer to have had that type of equipment on my vehicle. If you spoke into the mic in the car, you could hear it from outside, and we used it to tell people to move. There were actually people that moved, thinking we were cops.”

Host Jo Young Goo said, “Nowadays, because it occasionally happens, people don’t believe it anymore.”

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