Red Velvet Climbs to the Top of Music Charts with Debut Single “Happiness”

SM Entertainment’s newest rookie four-member girl group, Red Velvet, has been ranking high on music charts with their debut single “Happiness.”

The group’s brand new digital single was released on August 4 through various online music charts including Melon, Genie, and Naver Music.

“Happiness” made its way up to number one on Genie’s real-time music chart immediately upon its release. The track is proving to have exceptional results for a rookie group, as it placed within the top 10 on Melon, Naver Music, and other charts.

Red Velvet’s debut single is a lively, urban euro pop genre. The group showcased their energetic debut performances of “Happiness” on music shows this past week.

Meanwhile, you can look forward to more of Red Velvet, consisting of four members Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Joy, as they will continue to actively promote “Happiness” in coming weeks. You can also check out their re-released music video for “Happiness” here after the controversial scenes were edited out.

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