EXO’s D.O Gets Love and Praises From Co-Actor Jo In Sung and Writer Noh Hee Kyung

EXO member D.O, who is also known by his real name Do Kyung Soo, is showing great potential as an actor in the drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”

In the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” the singer turned actor does his best in playing the role of Han Kang Woo, a passionate fan of mystery story writer Jang Jae Yeol played by Jo In Sung.

Because of his performance, his colleagues in the drama have expressed their admiration of D.O. A representative from the drama said, “Do Kyung Soo is a kid who’s well-loved by Jo In Sung. The most important thing for these two who play the most important roles in the drama is that they have harmony. Do Kyung Soo who has made his first challenge of making a full drama is well led by Jo In Sung and is always praised by the older actor. That’s why Do Kyung Soo’s acting will improve.”

“Also, Do Kyung Soo understands his character because he talked a lot with the script writer Noh Hee Kyung during the production briefing session about how to attack the role. Noh Hee Kyung is giving Do Kyung Soo good exposure and isn’t holding back on her praises (for the young actor),” added the representative.

D.O, who is known as a good singer from the popular group EXO, is also making a name for himself in the acting industry. He is a singer-actor to watch out for.

See more of D.O’s acting in “It’s Okay, It’s Love” which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.

EXO D.O, It's Okay, It's Love

EXO D.O, It's Okay, It's Love