Clara Shows Off Her Curves for Beauty+

Clara flaunts and elegant beauty in her latest pictorial.

On August 4, magazine “Beauty+” revealed the pictorial in which the entertainer is featured. In the photos, Clara is seen styled in light, natural makeup and form-fitting white sleeveless dresses. Her unapologetic beauty has attracted the attention of the public.

In the accompanying interview, Clara talked about her dieting and exercise methods. “Rather than focusing on strictly set meals or forbidden foods, eating very lightly in the morning and night, and only moderately at lunch is the key to maintaining one’s figure,” she said. Also, “one should do exercises that are similar to the choreography in Girl’s Day’s ‘Female President,’ where the top half and the bottom half of one’s body move in different directions. This will help tone one’s stomach,” she added.

The Korean-British actress rocketed to fame when a picture of her making a ceremonial baseball pitch became an online sensation. Women hoping to imitate her well-known S-line can read more about her dieting secrets in Beauty+’s August issue.

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