FNC Entertainment Establishes “Global Centers” to Train Overseas Artists

FNC Entertainment moves towards spreading its influence in the entertainment business further. According to a report on August 5 , the management agency behind the careers of FT Island, CNBlue, Juniel, AOA, and N.Flying is in the works of establishing training institutions it calls “global centers,” in affiliation with FNC Academy.

The primary aim of the FNC Global Centers is to become education centers that will identify overseas talents interested to become professional K-Pop artists. 

In a statement, FNC Entertainment said, “There is a high demand for foreign talent but we have not yet organized a professional cultural program towards developing them. We see this as an opportunity to make a gateway towards successfully unearthing and developing K-Pop Hallyu star talents.”

Interested applicants may join the FNC Global Centers’ different training programs including voice, dance, basic makeup and performing arts, regardless of nationality, gender and age. Students who have completed the process will be given an opportunity to audition for the agency.