C-Clown Going Strong on Bolivian Charts Ahead of South American Tour

Bolivian music show U Music TVU has revealed that C-Clown has ranked high on its weekly “Top 10 Asia-Pop” chart for a second week running.

Bolivian charts_C-Clown

The show airs daily, from Monday to Friday from 4pm on Bolivia’s Televisión Universitaria (University Television)channel, and uses an interactive voting system to judge the popularity of recent releases. Earlier this year, the group reached the Number 1 spot on the same chart with the track, “Justice.” The most recent chart shows that the boy band’s track, “Let’s Love,” held onto fourth spot, behind Super Junior M’s “Swing,” Henry’s “Fantastic” and Park Jung Min’s “Save Us Tonight.”

The group will be pleased with the timing of this news, as they are set to launch a tour of South America in August. The boys announced, “Thank you to our fans in South America, we appreciate your support for us. We hope we can meet you very soon!”