CNBLUE Wins Awards in Taiwan for Special Album, “Blue Hits for Asia”

CNBLUE has gotten yet another award to put under their belt, awarded a golden disk in Taiwan for their special album, “Blue Hits for Asia.

CNBLUE’s special album, “Blue Hits for Asia,” received the golden disk in Taiwan only a week after its release. Their special album also ranks first in the K-pop weekly chart of Taiwan’s top music site Omusic and climbed to the number one spot in the Asia Bestseller section of Taiwan’s biggest online bookstore, In Taiwan’s biggest album ranking chart Gmusic, CNBLUE’s special album also became the highest selling Korean album in the Asia chart.

The specially released album, “Blue Hits for Asia,” contains 17 of CNBLUE’s popular hit songs including “I’m Sorry,” “Loner,” “Hey You,” and “Intuition.” CNBLUE has received popularity in Taiwan since it first released its album “Blue Love” and “Bluetory” in 2010. In 2011, their album “First Step” also received a double platinum award.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE recently finished the Taiwan leg of their “2014 CNBLUE Live-Can’t Stop” tour on July 26-27. The group will continue their tour with stops in Malaysia on August 9 and the Philippines on September 19.