Han Hye Jin Stays with Current Agency

Actress Han Hye Jin renewed her contract with her current agency!

On August 5, Han Hye Jin’s agency, Namoo Actors stated, “We recently renewed her contract.” She has been with the agency since 2008. This will be their sixth year together.

An official of the agency stated, “We gained each other’s trust as we have been together a long time. Going through minor and major problems together, we were able to gain each other’s trust and affection. We will continue to support Han Hye Jin in a variety of activities.”

“Han Hye Jin was busy as an actress and MC.” The official continued, “She will be taking some time off to recharge, before choosing a project.”

Han Hye Jin appeared in the SBS drama, “One Warm Word” and showed off a different image as an actress and left a deep impression on the viewers. Currently she is taking some time off and deciding on her next project.