T.O.P Says BIGBANG Doesn’t Share Money with Each Other

T.O.P of popular boy group BIGBANG revealed that the members of BIGBANG never lend each other money. 

T.O.P was present to answer various questions during the press conference for his upcoming film “Tazza: Hand of God” which was held on August 5. When the cast was asked if they have at least two friends who would be willing to lend them money, all the members of the cast said that they did not. 

T.O.P then added, “Members of BIGBANG have a mutual agreement that we will never borrow or lend each other money,” showing the group’s unique friendship.

T.O.P’s upcoming blockbuster “Tazza: Hand of God” is a sequel to the hit 2006 film, “Tazza: the High Rollers“. It will open in theaters this fall.