VIXX Member Hongbin Discusses His Experiences Acting in “Glorious Day”

On August 5, a press conference took place at SBS’s Ilsan center for the company’s weekend drama “Glorious Day.”

Boy group VIXX member Hongbin, who had no experience in acting before appearing in the series, displayed a thankful attitude towards more experienced cast members. “I’ve learned a lot by working alongside my awesome seniors,” he said. In particular, he pointed to Kim Hyun Gyu as his on-set teacher. “I asked him a lot of questions, and he’s helped me so much,” he said.

On his part, Kim Hyun Gyu praised Hongbin and displayed a humble attitude. “It’s better to ask questions than to just be taught,” he said, and “(Even though I am more experienced) I also have a lot left to learn.”

Hongbin also discussed how his group mates reacted to his acting. “The other members of VIXX are following ‘Glorious Day’ and cheering on the couples in the drama. They particularly like Na Mun Hee,” he remarked. “They cringe when I come onscreen, but they seem to be enjoying themselves. They cheer me on by saying ‘You must be tired acting and preparing an album and for a concert all at once. Stay strong!” he revealed.

“Glorious Day” is the story of one woman’s struggle to marry off her three daughters, whom she raised alone, to decent men. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:45 PM on SBS.