Krystal Prepares a Surprise for Jessica on Last Episode of

Krystal of girl group f(x) recently made her older sister Jessica (Girls Generation) cry, on the last episode of OnStyle’s “Jessica & Krystal,” which aired on August 5,

Krystal and Jessica were enjoying a vacation in a Seoul hotel, and Krystal entered the room first as she had prepared a surprise event for Jessica. Krystal worried whether or not Jessica would be moved.

Jessica entered the room without knowing anything, and she started looking for Krystal since she didn’t see her. Krystal said to Jessica through her phone, “I am hiding behind a curtain.” After hearing what Krystal had said, Jessica opened up the curtain.

The scene unfolding in front of Jessica’s eyes surprised her. There were pictures of all of the memories from filming “Jessica & Krystal” posted on the window behind the curtain. When Jessica thought of all of the memories she had with Krystal, she burst into tears. There was a note from Krystal that stated “I feel very reassured that you are always by my side. I am also on your side. I am always thankful. Now let’s stop crying.”

In the end, Krystal appeared in front of Jessica. The two sisters hugged each other and endlessly cried. Jessica asked Krystal about preparing the event, and Krystal stated “I have always liked writing letters. What I can’t easily express in words I can express myself through letters.”

Jessica, who couldn’t stop her tears, stated “It feels like saying that I’m busy with work is an excuse. I have been neglecting the person I am closest with. I have to do better. Therefore I am even more sorry.”

Jessica continued “The time we have to meet isn’t a lot, but there will be more time in the future. We will become freer. Since we can’t spend a lot of time together, I want to do better with the time we have. I want to talk with you more and tease you some more.”



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