Oh Ji Ho Reveals Why Jang Hyuk Used to Wear Diapers During “Chuno”

On the latest episode of tvN’s “Taxi” that was aired on August 5, guest Oh Ji Ho revealed that his co-star Jang Hyuk used to wear diapers while filming the award-winning drama “Chuno.”

For this episode, MCs Lee Young Ja and Oh Man Suk took Oh Ji Ho horseback riding. While there, Oh Ji Ho, who already had some experience with horseback riding from his dramas, said that “If the rhythm between the rider and the horse isn’t synchronized, the rider’s butt will keep colliding with the back of the horse. Consequently your butt will hurt from the continuous impact. If you wear diapers, it’s a little softer so it plays the role of a cushion while riding.”

Oh Ji Ho continued his story by revealing that “One day during filming of ‘Chuno,’ Jang Hyuk asked his manager to bring his bag. When he opened his bag I found a bunch of diapers.” This story brought laughter to the audience.

oh ji ho taxi

“Chuno” was a 2010 KBS drama about a man who was brought down from being noble to the streets. In order to get revenge against his servant that caused his family’s demise, he turns into a bounty hunter for runaway slaves. While doing so he fights the dilemma between getting revenge and finding his first love, and later gets entangled in political crises that are occurring during this time. Jang Hyuk’s role as the main character, Dae Gil, got him the Grand Prize Award for acting in the 2010 KBS Drama Awards Ceremony.