Park Hae Jin Agrees to Forgive Malicious Netizens Under the Condition That They Participate in Community Service Together

Y-STAR’s “Live Star News” revealed on August 6 that actor Park Hae Jin will be participating in community service activities with netizens who had spread malicious rumors and comments about him.

Recently, Park Hae Jin requested lawful punishment to those netizens that had been verbally attacking him on the Internet. Park Hae Jin’s management agency revealed that “Park Hae Jin and his family are experiencing both mental and material hardships. We decided to take police action because these netizens don’t seem to be aware of that fact. We suggested that to those who officially requested forgiveness, we were willing to do so in exchange for completion of community service accompanied by Park Hae Jin.” It was later revealed that many that had been charged have taken the agency up on their offer.

Meanwhile, some of the netizens that were charged expressed deep regrets in their behavior. Netizen A claimed, “I purposefully wrote a more exaggerated and malicious comment so I could raise the viewership. The moment that I got charged I panicked and realized that couldn’t sleep from the thought that I had done something terribly wrong.” Another, netizen B, claimed that “I didn’t know that my comment would be so categorized as malicious. With the charge I realized how awful it was and I’m actually thankful that this happened to me because now I know the consequences of my behaviors.” And even another, netizen C, admitted, “Something bad occurred to my parents and my younger brother suddenly got enlisted into military service. I felt isolated and deprived in comparison. I caused pain to Park Hae Jin and his family and friends, and I am currently reflecting on the mistakes I made.”

park hae jin

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin recently completed his dramas, “My Love from the Star” and “Doctor Stranger.” Just seeing how he handles the situation tells a lot about his character. What do you guys think?