“My Spring Day” Starring Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung Holds First Script Reading

The cast of MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Spring Day” recently gathered for the first script reading.

To kick off the meeting on a positive note, Lee Jae Dong PD greeted the cast by saying, “Thank you for deciding to join the cast. I hope we will work well together.” Hearing the warm and welcoming words, the cast asked for the support of the staff and promised to work hard for the drama.

Despite the 20-year age difference between the main characters played by Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and actor Kam Woo Sung, the great chemistry between the cast members could be felt instantly. Kam Woo Sung, for whom the drama marks his acting comeback after a four-year break, played the strong and manly Kang Dong Ha, whereas Sooyoung raised the atmosphere on set with her role as the bright and lively Lee Bom.

A representative of the production company revealed, “The two characters are complete opposites of each other, and that must be why they fit each other so well. Despite being just the first script reading, the chemistry between the two was better than expected.”

With the beginning of the story taking place on the tropical Jeju Island, the meeting was quickly filled with attempts to read the script using the local dialect. Actor Jang Won Young, who plays Kang Dong Ha’s friend Kil Dong, caused others to burst in laughter over his realistic, but hardly understandable, use of the Jeju dialect. Having made a lasting impression with his entertaining role as Department head Park on “Miss Korea,” Jang Won Young is expected to continue his success through “My Spring Day.”

“My Spring Day” is a melodrama about Lee Bom, a young woman that receives a new heart to cure her terminal illness. After the heart transplant, Lee Bom is given a second chance at life, and she fells in love with the husband of the donator.

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