HyunA Reveals Who She Thinks Are the Sexiest and Prettiest Female Idols

Known for her fierce and sexy image, HyunA chose herself as the sexiest female idol on the latest episode of “Weekly Idol.”

On August 6, the singer was a guest on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” to talk about her comeback with “Red.” Although she confessed to feeling a bit awkward appearing on the show alone and not having the support of fellow 4Minute members, she managed to have fun with the MC duo by responding to questions sent to them by her fans.

When asked to pick the prettiest and sexiest idols, HyunA replied after thinking, “There are so many beautiful idols. I think A Pink‘s Son Naeun and AOA‘s Seolhyun are pretty. Son Naeun has the kind of charm that I cannot have.”

As for the sexiest idol, she expressed her confidence in that area, saying, “Sexiness is my pride.” In addition to herself, she named Secret‘s Hyosung and G.NA as some of the sexiest idols.