Eric Nam Reveals Photo with “We Got Married” MCs

On August 4, singer Eric Nam uploaded a photo onto his Instagram with the caption, “Thank you! I’ll eat all of it and do well! Kya~ we’re fixed MCs!” In the photo, he is with the other fixed MCs of the show, Park Mi Sun, Hong Jin Young, and Huh Kyung Hwan, in the waiting room. They are holding up the lunch that fans had sent them and smiling widely towards the camera.

2014.08.06_wgm mcs in waiting room

Meanwhile, the four of them have been the MCs of the reality show, “We Got Married,” creating commentaries as they view the pretend marriage of the celebrity couples. They are getting complimented for their witty reactions that add to the entertainment of the show. Hong Jin Young, on the other hand, is not only the MC but she is also the pretend wife of actor Nam Goong Min. The fact that she is commentating even during the viewing of her married life makes the show more interesting as she is the first to do so.

“We Got Married” airs every Saturday on MBC and currently airing the couples Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min, actor/model Hong Jong Hyun and Girls’ Day’s Yura, and 2PM’s Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young.

Anyone keeping up with the show? Who’s your favorite couple?