“Trot Lovers” Jung Eunji: Collection of Her Best Trot Songs That Gave Both Joy and Sadness to Viewers

*Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.

A Pink’s Jung Eunji is garnering much attention for her role as Choi Chun Hee in the KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers.” There seems to be a great synergy between Jung Eunji and the genre of trot, and this brings out many touching, memorable scenes in the drama.

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With two episodes left to air, four songs were selected out of many by the production staff as the most memorable. The collection is as follows:

Episode 3: Explosion of cuteness! Adorable performance at the auditions – “Pepper”

During her Shine Star auditions, Choi Chun Hee (Jung Eunji) experiences great anxiety on stage. However, she sees her family appear like guardian angels supporting her, and she ends up building up her confidence while she performs the song “Pepper.” As this scene had been a part of the beginning of the drama, her cute charms brought an anticipation of a trot wave among the viewers.

Episode 5: Buildup of relationship between Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eunji – “Like the Way You Smiled as You Let Me Go”

On “Survival of Classic Songs,” Chun Hee competes against her rival, Park Soo In (Lee Se Young). Chun Hee experiences a crisis when her song gets unexpectedly changed, but successfully gets over it with the support and help of Jang Jun Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo). This scene was memorable because Chun Hee gets so engrossed in the song on stage that she even imagines singing a duet with Jun Hyun. Jung Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo received many compliments from viewers for their great harmony in this scene that had been imagined by Chun Hee.

Episode 6: Honest feelings towards an Alzheimer’s patient and yearning for her parents powerfully expressed through a song – “Ripe Persimmon”

Choi Chun Hee’s mission in order to release an album was to make someone smile with her song. This someone was the wife of a songwriter that had developed Alzheimer’s. What finally made her smile was Chun Hee’s honest yearning for her parents, and she expressed this through the song “Ripe Persimmon.” Jung Eunji received a lot of praise because her song even made the viewers teary with the expression of the character’s feelings.

Episode 9: Chun Hee buries her love in her memories – “I Know Nothing But Love”

Chun Hee is unable to hide her sadness over her unexpected breakup with Jun Hyun. She goes to a memorable place of their own and cries while she sings this song. She successfully expresses her longing for Jun Hyun through her voice as she sings while thinking about him.

Jung Eunji’s successful performances of the trot songs in her drama further enhance the portrayal of her character as well as the overall flow of the drama’s plot. With the unique color that she adds to the songs, she makes the viewers anticipate what kinds of songs she will do next.

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Meanwhile, “Trot Lovers” will air the last episode next week on August 12. It stars Jung Eunji, Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Se Young, and Shin Sung Rok. What will happen next?

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