Yoon Doojoon’s Request for Aegyo vs. Seo In Guk’s Request for Sexy Dance? A Pink Responds to Both!

On August 7, the first episode of “A Pink’s Showtime” will air. A Pink will be the third to be cast in “Showtime” since EXO and BEAST. In this episode, A Pink will personally respond to questions or requests sent in my male celebrities.

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon requested for the members’ aegyo. Unlike their image, the members were hesitant in fulfilling this request. But one by one they each brought up the courage and showed their own interpretation of aegyo.

From the innocent aegyo by the youngest Hayoung to the natural aegyo by the oldest Chorong, each showed their own unique version. Out of the six members, however, the most noticeable were Eunji and Na Eun. Eunji, who normally has a tough, cool image, showed her aegyo by adorably saying, “Oppa~ Make sure to eat~” in her Busan dialect. After finishing her turn Eunji ended up sitting down with her face covered out of embarrassment. Seeing this side of Eunji for the first time, Chorong entered a state of shock. On the other hand, Na Eun, who normally has a quiet and calm image, showed a new side to her with her aegyo that used a cute hand gesture.

2014.08.06_a pink aegyo

As opposed to Yoon Doojoon’s request for aegyo, Seo In Guk’s request was the complete opposite, as he requested a sexy dance from the A Pink members.

As soon as his request ended, SISTAR’s “Alone” was played. In response, A Pink’s supposed “Three Queens of Sexy,” Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung performed. Though they seemed hesitant at first, they soon changed their facial expressions and proceeded to dance the “Crane Dance” that had been part of the original choreography of the song. Though some of them were wearing longer pants, their “Crane Dance” received praise from the other members. The next song was Girls’ Day’s “Expectations.” The three proceeded to dance the “Suspenders Dance” in their own versions. Their dance was apparently said to not only be sexy but also funny and entertaining.

2014.08.06_a pink sexy dance

If you want to see the two sides of A Pink’s charms, don’t miss this week’s episode of “A Pink’s Showtime” that will be aired August 7 on MBC Every1.