Hurray Hurray for K-Pop Song Titles So Nice They Named Them Twice

As any budding songwriter would agree, coming up with good title for your latest hit is not an easy task. And in the world of K-pop, sometimes just saying something once just won’t do. So, every now and then, like the girls of Ladies’ Code, with their latest release, “Kiss Kiss,” people feel the need to double up on their song titles. It is not a new trend — it has been around since the 1980s. K-pop old timers might still remember tracks like Nami‘s “Bingeul Bingeul,” which featured in 2011 movie, “Sunny.” So join us in a journey through a playlist of tracks where just saying it once wasn’t enough: K-pop tracks so nice they named them twice!  

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 1. Girls’ Generation’s “Mr Mr

One of the girls’ strongest songs in years sees Girls’ Generation double up on the title. Perhaps the “Mr” in question was not paying enough attention and he needed to be told twice.

2. Crayon Pop’s “Bing Bing

Crayon Pop concert favorite, this is another high-energy girl group track where the title gets repeated throughout the course of the song quite a few times (to say the least). Before you say anything about “Bar Bar Bar,” Soompiers, remember we are sticking with titles that are twice as nice, not title triple plays (perhaps that will come at a later date!).

3. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry

It is time to take a quick break from the girl group title double-ups and let the boys have a look-in. And if you are looking for a catchy track with a chorus it is easy to sing along to, you need look no further than Super Junior‘s megahit “Sorry Sorry.” Doubling down seems to be a trend in Super Junior land — the boys also recorded the equally fun “Boom Boom.” 

4. BTOB’s “Beep Beep

Why “Beep” once when you can “Beep” twice? BTOB would certainly agree, and titled (arguably) one of their best releases to date accordingly. This is one to sing along to next time you get caught in traffic.

5. BIGBANG’s “Bingle Bingle

It seems a lot of Korean artists like to call their songs “Bingle Bingle.” There was the Nami track we mentioned earlier. Then there is the U-KISS song “Bingeul Bingeul” (replete with a slightly different English spelling). But let us not forget that BIGBANG also got in on the act. In Korean, the expression means “round and round.” BIGBANG are also big fans of double titles, and fans will also remember the boys’ early tearjerker, Haru Haru.”

6. SISTAR’s “Push Push

Sorry, boys, but it’s time to let the girls come out and play again. Because if there is one thing Korean girl groups like, it’s naming their songs twice. SISTAR pulled off this trick with their first single but are yet to repeat it. Perhaps as part of their next comeback?

7. Girl’s Day’s “Twinkle Twinkle

This bubbly, high-tempo, dancey pop number comes from the days when Girl’s Day were a five-piece. If the video is anything to go by, this song has nothing whatsoever to do with “little stars” and everything to do with using your martial arts skills to dispose of your band mates when you are trying to win the heart of the man of your dreams.

8. Kim Hyun Joong’s “Kiss Kiss” 

Solo stars can have double the fun, too. Before Ladies’ Code decided that just one kiss was not going to be enough, Kim Hyun Joong had already had the same thought with a track of the same name from his first mini album, “Break Down.” 

9.Davichi’s “8282 (Hurry Hurry)

This song is unique on the list if only because of the fact that its main title is a repeated set of numbers. But fear not, this song is not a math equation or a really short telephone number. It is actually shorthand for the Korean expression, “bbali bbali,” which means “quick quick” or “Hurry Hurry,” as its English subtitle suggests.

10. Rainbow Pixie’s “Hoi Hoi

Now if there is one act that just cannot get enough of the double titles, it is Rainbow. Not only did the group’s first subunit group think that one “Hoi” was not going to suffice, the full group made sure its subsequent comeback also doubled up with the lead track on the album “Rainbow Syndrome Part 1,” “Tell Me Tell Me.”  The girls almost made it a triple whammy when second subunit Rainbow BLAXX made its debut, but the four-piece got one “Cha” too many in the title of its debut track to make this list.

11. Ladies’ Code’s “Pretty Pretty

Ladies’ Code had the first word on this list, and it looks like the group has also snuck in to have the final say on the matter, too. Perhaps if you are “Pretty Pretty” instead of just being “Pretty,” you get more double the kisses. And that brings us to the end of the list. But we are sure you can think of plenty more songs in the same vein, Soompiers! Tell us a few of your double trouble favorites in the comments below.

timmydee is a self-confessed music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electonica and a hankering for hip-hop. When he isn’t writing for Soompi, he is remixing your favorite K-pop tracks – with sometimes astounding (but often catastrophic) results.


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