Actor Jung Woo Sung to Star in PSY’s Music Video for “Daddy”

As expected, PSY‘s highly anticipated music video for “Daddy” will feature a number of Korea’s top celebrities, and the latest addition to the cast is actor Jung Woo Sung!

Following the news of ‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo‘s appearance in the video, it has been revealed that PSY and Jung Woo Sung are currently filming scenes for the video at an amusement park near Seoul. The shoot featuring Hwang Min Woo took place on August 6 and 7 in the southern city of Busan.

Photos of the two stars’ arrival at the amusement park have quickly spread through various online communities and SNS, and the anticipation is already rising for Jung Woo Sung’s special appearance. Many are wondering if there will be a great increase in the actor’s international popularity after the video is released later this month.

For “Daddy,” PSY has requested the guidance of director Cho Soo Hyun, who is the mastermind behind the hilarious music video for “Gangnam Style.”