Actress Sung Hyun Ah Found Guilty of Prostitution

Actress Sung Hyun Ah has been found guilty of prostitution.

Her final trial was held on August 8, attended only by the actress’s legal representation. The judge panel stated, “The charge regarding Sung Hyun Ah’s sexual relations with witness B upon introduction by witness A has been proven,” and fined the actress an amount of 2 million won (approx. 1900 USD), as was requested by the prosecution.

In the period between February and March of 2010, as well as December of last year, Sung Hyun Ah met and had sexual relations with a private businessman on three occasions, after which she received 50 million won (approx. 48,000 USD). She was prosecuted and received a monetary penalty. However, she claimed that the ruling was unjust, and requested a formal trial. After five trials, which spanned from this past March to June (excluding the final trial), she was charged with the fine of 2 million won.

Sung Hyun Ah, after placing third in the 1994 Miss Korea Pageant, started her career as an actress, and has since appeared in various works such as the dramas “Yi San” and “Ja Myung Go,” and the films “The Scarlet Letter” and “Cello.”