SISTAR’s Hyorin and Soyu Talk About Dating and Relationships on “Witch Hunt”

Girl group SISTAR members Hyorin and Soyu recently joined the MCs of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” to discuss the often complicated world of relationships.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the popular talk show, the two idols were invited as special guests, and they ended up surprising everyone with their honest and straightforward comments.

Despite being in the same group, Hyorin and Soyu made sure to explain that their personal preferences are not completely alike, especially when it comes to relationships and men. In particular, the two showed opposite reactions to a message sent in by a viewer struggling to cut off contact with her ex-boyfriend.

Soyu related to the viewer, and expressed her thoughts saying, “It is difficult to end things easily. But I would hate if my boyfriend was like that.” Hyorin did not agree, however, and said to Soyu, “You only think about yourself,” while causing everyone else to burst into laughter over her blunt comment. 

Later on, the two revealed what goes on during their free time: “Whenever we talk about men with our group members and have problems, we wish we could send our stories to ‘Witch Hunt.'” Hearing this, the MCs could not help but feel satisfied and smile. 

In addition to Hyorin and Soyu, TV personality Sam Hammington made an appearance on the show’s anniversary special. This episode airs on August 8 at 11PM (KST).