Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura to Transform Into “Troublemaker” on “We Got Married”

The couple of Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura will grab the mic and will put on their dancing shoes as they transform into “Troublemaker” on the August 9 episode of the MBC variety show, “We Got Married.

On the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” to be aired on August 9, Hong Jong Hyun will visit his on-screen wife Yura at the rehearsal studio where she is preparing for her first concert with Girl’s Day.

Hong Jong Hyun, who cannot go to Girl’s Day’s first concert because of his busy schedule due to a drama and movie shoot, will surprise his wife Yura when he visits the rehearsal studio and brings snacks for his wife.

The members of Girl’s Day will get to know more about Yura’s on-screen husband Hong Jong Hyun. Hong Jong Hyun is the type of guy to be embarrassed about doing aegyo but because Yura likes guys who act cute, the Girl’s Day members will try to demonstrate to Hong Jong Hyun how to do aegyo, and will show their cute and active appearances.

Talking about Girl’s Day’s upcoming concert, Hong Jong Hyun will find out that Yura will be dancing “Troublemaker” together with another male dancer and Hyeri will ask Hong Jong Hyun whether he will be okay with it.Through the active support of the Girl’s Day members, the couple of Hong Jong Hyun and Yura will perform “Troublemaker” and the couple will be so shy and embarrassed that they will not be able to even look into each other’s faces!

The couple’s ending pose as they finish their performance will make the Girl’s Day members cheer. Yura will also show some heavy touching with the male dancer while in front of Hong Jong Hyun. How would Hong Jong Hyun react to this?

Find out more in the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” airing at MBC on August 9, 5 p.m. (KST)

Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Girl's Day

 Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Girl's Day

Updated on August 10 with video of the scene: