“Discovery of Love” Accused of Plagiarizing “Sex Tape” Poster

Upcoming drama “Discovery of Love” is facing accusation of plagiarism as people have found uncanny similarities between its teaser poster and the poster of “Sex Tape,” a recently released American movie.

In the poster for “Discovery of Love,” the female lead actress Jung Yoo Mi is attempting to hide huge texts that spell out “ex-boyfriend.” In the “Sex Tape” poster, the movie’s lead actress Cameron Diaz is in a similar pose, trying to hide text that says, “sex tape.” 

The representative of the drama defended the drama, announcing, “if you look at it that way, isn’t all posters plagiarized? It’s pushing it to say that a person covering up letters is plagiarizing. It’s simply a tool to convey the message of the character.” They also added, “this isn’t even the main poster. It’s a character teaser poster.”

discovery of love poster sex tape